What is Ability?

Ability DefinitionAbility is a current assessment of what one can do.

From a management standpoint, the issue is not whether people differ in terms of their abilities.

They certainly do.

The issue is knowing how people differ in abilities and using that knowledge to increase the likelihood that an employee will perform his or her job well.

What we are acknowledging is that everyone has strengths and weaknesses in terms of ability that make him or her relatively superior or inferior to others in performing certain tasks or activities.

According to Stephen P. Robbins, “Ability is an individual’s capacity to perform the various tasks in a job.”

According to Keith Davis, “Ability is the quality of being able to something, especially the physical, mental, financial or legal power to accomplish something.”

Alyssa McGonagle, a professor of psychology at Wayne State University said, “Work ability is not about whether people want to continue working, but whether they feel they can continue working at their jobs.”

At last, we can say that ability is the quality or state of being able, power to perform whether physical, mental, moral intellectual, skill in doing, the sufficiency of strength, available resources etc.

It underpins and contributes to skills.

It can be essentially perceptual, essentially motor or a combination of both.

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