Economist GMAT Tutor $300 Coupon and Free Trial

Economist GMAT Tutor $300 Coupon and Free Trial

Economist GMAT Review

The Economist GMAT Tutor has a rigorous verbal preparation. The Reading Comprehension is more difficult than the real GMAT and it prepares you for very tough questions which is great!

The Sentence Correction uses Stop Signs in order to train you which turned out to be very useful as it points you to the type of mistakes you need to look for.

It was especially helpful as I’m non-native speaker! The Critical Reasoning was very useful too, showing you the main distractors and traps. The Quant section was great – they teach you shortcut techniques which for example are not shown at the Official Guide.

The way I have prepared was to use the Economist as a foundation and practice questions from the Official Guide at the end – once you do that and see the explanations at the OG you will really appreciate how good the Economist is and the way they have taught you to think.

One point for improvement is the time it takes for AWA essays to be graded. It usually takes 1 week and if your GMAT is quickly approaching, it might be a limitation to the number of essays you will be able to submit.

However, the core curriculum which is the most important component was great. The opportunity to take tutor sessions aids your preparation and you can work on your weaknesses. The system offers predicted score which in my case was accurate and it gives you more ambition to work harder in order to get to your goal.

To sum up, I highly recommend the Economist GMAT Tutor and it’s a great tool for preparation!

Why I recommend Economist GMAT Tutor to everyone:

1. The adaptive learning component.

This is the main reason I would highly recommend it. When working full time, you’re just so busy you barely have time to study, and don’t have time to “manage” the process of studying. I felt like the GMAT Tutor took the load of managing the process of studying off me and enables me to just focus on understanding the content and practicing.

How it does this: GMAT Tutor feeds you learning and practice materials at a pace that is custom to what you do well at. If you rock the geometry stuff, it’ll fly you through that section. If you struggle, it’ll give you more practice problems there and keep coming back to it over time until you’ve mastered it.

The GMAT itself is an adaptive test, and I really appreciated this component of the GMAT Tutor program. It takes the stress and burden of coming up with your own study plan. All you have to do is log in and press start, and it feeds you what you need.

2. The flexibility of the online sessions.

I could study whenever and wherever I wanted, and select how many minutes I wanted to study. I found a lot of value in doing quant drills without pen/paper on the mobile app when I was in a taxi or wanted a 5 minute break from work.

Also, the progress and score projection tracking made it feel like a game–I enjoyed watching my progress % and score projection range go up after every session and it made me excited to study.

3. The Skype tutoring sessions and in-app question feature.

If I came across a piece of content or a practice problem that I struggled with, I could click a button on that box and jot down an email to a real person, who would respond via email within a day or two.

The tutors I met with over Skype were also very helpful–having someone explain difficult concepts and work on tough problems with me was valuable. I also appreciated the opportunity to have a handful of practice essays graded and returned with comments.

Compared to other options: While I didn’t take an in-person class, I know the cost of a class is typically higher, it’s definitely less convenient, and you go at the class pace instead of your own.
I did buy the textbooks and did a focused 3-months of GMAT prep with them before switching to GMAT Tutor. I found it very difficult to know what topics on which to focus my study with the books, and felt I wasted a lot of time going through content I didn’t need to spend so much time on.

Additionally, I felt like my motivation to study had to come from sheer discipline, while it was so much easier to just jump on and press Go on a GMAT Tutor session.

Why take Economist GMAT

Definitely true in the competitive world. GMAT Opens up more doors for you.

  • A good GMAT score will put you ahead or the rest when you are applying for the top Business Schools, Universities and Institutions.
  • GMAT is also critical when you are applying with a below average GPA.
  • if you have breaks or gaps in your studies; GMAT will not only help you get admitted in good schools also prepare you for demanding curriculum.
  • A high GMAT to show that you have the intellectual ability and self-discipline for a demanding MBA program. post graduating courses.

Economist GMAT Makes GMAT easy for you

All top institutions put great emphasis on GMAT because it is challenging. You need to give full concentration and practice hard on every sections of GMAT.

Our GMAT Tutor program will adapt to your pace and understanding, so that you no longer fear difficult types of question and become strong in them.

Features of Our Economist GMAT Tutor Program

  • Focus on your target areas with adaptive learning technology.
  • Prepare for the actual exam with realistic GMAT practice tests.
  • The more time you spend with our GMAT course, the more customized it becomes.
  • It’s easy to fit the GMAT Tutor into your day.
  • Study whenever and wherever you want with online test prep.
  • Never miss a session—no schedules, no classes, and no commute.
  • Put the course in your pocket with our iPhone or Android app.
  • No connection? No problem! Our mobile apps keep running when your connection drops out

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