Changing Attitudes: How to Change Attitude

Changing AttitudesAttitude can be changed if we differentiate negative attitude from a positive attitude.

A positive attitude can bring positive change in life, It is difficult to change attitudes but with some effort, it can be done.

The individual from a culturally deprived environment who holds an array of hostile attitudes may change often he is given opportunities for education.

A person from a privileged subculture, who has always held to a democratic attitude, may become negative towards some group because of one unfortunate experience.

Well established attitudes tend to be resistant to change, but others may be more amenable to change.

Attitudes can be changed b a variety of ways.

Ways of Changing Attitude

  • New information will help to change attitudes.
  • Negative attitudes are mainly formed owing to insufficient information.
  • Attitudes may change through direct experience.
  • Another way in which attitudes can be changed is by resolving discrepancies between attitudes and behavior.
  • Change of attitude can come through the persuasion of friends or peers.
  • Attitudes may change through legislation.
  • Since a person’s attitudes are anchored in his membership group and reference groups, one way to change the attitude is to modify one or the other.
  • Fear can change attitude. If low levels of fear are used, people often ignore them.
  • Changing the attitude differs with reference to the situation also.
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