5 Universal Facts about Communication that You Should Know

Communication is the process of exchanging information between two or more parties.

In this process, one party transmits a message by using a medium and the other party receives the message.

The communication process, information flows from sender to receiver.

Communication is pervaded in every facet of human life. By crying loudly new-born babies convey the news of their arrival in the world.

Communication plays important role in personal life, family life, social life, business life and so on.

Development of relationships, cultures, civilizations, etc. both in micro and macro level depends on effective communication.

The nature of communication is discussed below:


1. Communication Is Related To Every Human Activity

Communication is closely linked with every sphere of human life. It is essential in leading a meaningful human life.

Enjoying peaceful life, developing person-to-person relationships, building a prosperous state etc. is not possible without communication.

2. Communication Involves Two or More Parties

At least, two parties are involved in any communication process. The party who sends information is called sender and the party who receives the information is called receiver.

However, in some cases, a sender can send the message to a large number of receivers.

3. Communication May Be One-Way or Two-Way Process

Communication can take the shape of the two-way or one-way process.

In two-way communication, the receiver sends his feedback to the sender after receiving the message.

One-way communication refers to the flow of information from a sender to the receiver only. In this process of the communication, the receiver does not convey his reaction to the sender.

3. The success of Communication Depends On Proper Understanding of the Parties Involved

Effective communication occurs when the receiver perceives the message in a way the sender sends it.

If the receiver does not send his reaction to the sender, the sender will not understand the receiver’s view. In this case, the communication will be ineffective.


In order to make the communication successful both the sender and receiver must know the reactions of each other.

4. Communication in Organization Flows in Various Patterns

In an organization, information flows in various directions, such as upward direction, downward direction, horizontal direction etc.

5. Communication Is Media or Channel Based

Every human communication occurs by using a particular medium. The media may be written, oral and non-verbal or a combination of verbal and non-verbal media.

In light of the above discussion and definitions, Communication is the transfer of information from one person to another person. It is a way of reaching others by transmitting ideas, facts, thoughts, feelings, and values.

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