How Entrepreneurship is an Innovation Process

how-entrepreneurship-is-an-innovation-processEntrepreneurship is an innovation process. Schumpeter (1934) describes this distinct feature of entrepreneurship that involves with innovating a product with which consumers are not yet familiar or a new source of raw materials or a new market either to unexplored or a new combination of means of production or a new way of operation not yet applied.

Thus, entrepreneurship foresees the potentially profitable opportunity and tries to exploit it in a new and better way.

Wilken (1979) summaries a list of innovative activities entrepreneurship does. They are shown below:

  1. Initial expansion- Original production of goods.
  2. Subsequent expansion- Subsequent change in the amount of goods produced.
  3. Factor innovation- Increase in supply or productivity of factors.
    • Financial- Procurement of capital from new source or in new farm.
    • Labor- Procurement of labor from new source or of new typo; upgrading of existing labor.
    • Material- Procurement of old material from new source or use of a new material.
  4. Production innovations- Changes in the production process.
    • Technological- Use of new production technique
    • Organizational- Change of form or structure of relationships among people.
  5. Market innovations- Changes in the size or composition of the market a Product.
    • Production of new good or change in quality or cost of existing good.
    • Market- Discovery o f a new marker.
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