Scribd 30 Day Free Trial

Scribd 30 Day Free Trial

Do you like Reading Books? Do you Read Books Online?

Yes, Books are not gone. And they are making a come back as e-books. E-books are easy to read whenever you want and you don’t need to carry your favorites with you.

While e-books are easy to read, the are not cheap.

In fact, the price for e-books over an average joe is just way too much. Now you need to buy your favorite book for over 50 dollars each.

On that rate, all of a sudden reading books becomes too expensive. And you end up killing your love for books.

But we are here to help and you don’t need to kill the love for the books. If you killed it, then the offer will resurrect it like Jon Snow.

Scribd: Solution for Your Reading Passion

Scribd is a reading subscription service that is available anytime and on any device.For plus unlimited access to …

For Members, it provides plus unlimited access to access to magazines, documents, and books.

The monthly price for this unlimited service is only $8.99.

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You may think this unlimited access for books sounds too good to be true. So why don’t you try out the 30 days free trial for Scribd?

All you need is sign up to Scribd and You can cancel anytime.

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