Sources of Values

Sources of ValuesSources of value are a comprehensive guide to financial decision-making suitable for beginners as well as experienced practitioners.

It treats financial decision-making as both an art and a science and proposes a comprehensive approach through which companies can maximize their value.

Generally, no values tend to be relatively stable and enduring.

A significant portion of the values we hold is established in our early years from parents, teachers, friends, and others. There are so many sources from which we can acquire different values.

Sources of values are;

  1. Family: Family is a great source of values. A child leams his first value from his family.
  2. Friends &peers: Friends and peers play a vital role in achieving values.
  3. Community or society: As a part of society, a person leams values from society or different groups of the society.
  4. School: As a learner, school and teachers also play a very important role in introducing values.
  5. Media: Media such as – Print media, Electronic media also play the role of increasing values in the mind of people.
  6. Relatives: Relative also helps to create values in the minds of people.
  7. Organization: Different organizations and institutions also play a vital role in creating value.
  8. Religion
  9. History
  10. Books
  11. Others
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