Workplace and Attitudes Challenges

Workplace and Attitudes ChallengesTaking this a step further, we can assemble some ideas of how these three components can impact the workplace.

The challenge in the workplace is that now these components are tied to work functions, policy, procedures and organizational structure, as well as the people and individuals present in the organization.

For example, we could have thoughts or beliefs (cognitive) about managers in general, and those thoughts or beliefs could manifest themselves is not trusting a manager (effective), and thus we would never want to develop a close relationship with a manager (behavioral).

It is important to make the point here that these are attitudes – and yes, they can be wrong. Just because we have an attitude that does not mean it is correct. It is just how we feel about a person or situation.

Obviously not every manager is trustworthy, but if we let our negative attitudes dictate how we view and react to managers, we will never be able to see if some are really good people and can be trusted.

Certainly having a good relationship based on trust with the manager is a great thing to have in the workplace.

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